The following list consists vaults and their owners

There are over 48 Vault Owners who still have collateral stuck in the Pillar Protocol V1 Contract. The list of owners can be found here. Please scroll down past the 48 vault addresses.

0x3221D2F6Ac18B04F719c383cdCB583cCa8734501 0x458694612e6f381e251327C46931A604931fAB5B 0x2701fa5AD5B515739eA4941eD20A834758Bb1cFB 0x34bE51566DaD6d3491a3A1CC263c460b63862b1E 0x6f993197110d04329a85fF77E28FA9C00069FC2D 0xEd92E3Ae277409A04A2Faf08D39662532D423dB9 0xA33b187Ca027ce45A0515F2028c6559410a61f3A 0x0Aa0d387EeD19d63190acdAE52Ff7Db891DDc8C5 0x7992D9699F6e12b903D1f85fE738A063FC0338c6…


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