Pillar Protocol gZIL Staking

  1. Locking Tokens
  2. Delegating Tokens (optional)
  3. Request Unlocking Tokens
  4. Unlock Tokens

Locking Tokens

Once you have some gzil in your account, you can stake them to earn rewards. The staked gzil also allow you to participate in pillar governance.

  1. Enter the amount the gZil you want to stake to the contract.
  2. Click Approve GZIL Tokens. you may need to refresh the page once this transaction in confirmed and it is absolutely fine .
  3. Click on Lock GZIL Tokens to lock your token

Delegating Tokens (optional)

By default locking up tokens in staking contract gives you votes to create and vote on governance proposals in pillar protocol (without transferring your tokens). To delegate to any user click on delegate button and input the address to delegate as shown below.

Placing Unlocking Request

you can place unlocking request by clicking on Request unlock button. Once successfully placed, you can withdraw the tokens immediately after clicking Unlock on individual request. You can always cancel the existing request.



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