How to wrap (and unwrap) your ZIL?

2 min readApr 5, 2021


The documents explains how you can wrap and and unwrap your ZIL. The WZIL can then be used by Pillar Protocol amongst other applications on the Zilliqa Blockchain.

  1. Make sure you have zilpay extenstion install on your chrome.
  2. Open Neosavant IDE.

3. Click on the Contracts tab. (bottom left of the page), It will allow you to import the contract to the IDE..

a. The contract for wrapped-zil is 0x4306F921c982766810CF342775FD79AA2D0D0E24. (bech32 zil1gvr0jgwfsfmxsyx0xsnhtlte4gks6r3yk8x5fn) *Make sure that you on on the mainnet

b. Paste the address in import contract section and click import

4. The contract will be loaded with the functions listed on the the top right corner.

a. If you want to wrap your ZIL, then click on “Mint” (function/transition)

b. Enter the amount of ZIL which you want to convert to WZIL. (KEEP IN MIND, 1 ZIL = 10¹² Li)

c. Click on “Call Transition” to complete the transition and mint your WZIL.

5. To unwrap your WZIL, you should:

a. Press the “Burn” Function.

b. Enter the amount of wrapped zil you wish to burn in the “amount” section.

c. Press “Call Transition” to complete the WZIL to ZIL transition.